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Boyd County Career and Technical Education Center has been in operation since 1974.

On any given day you will find more than 600 students in our classrooms.

We have nine programs and offer fifteen different pathways.  We encourage students to explore their interests and talents and then complete at least one pathway and even take and pass an industry certification or EOP exam by the time they graduate.  We want students to be successful in life after high school whether they are attending college, technical school, or beginning a career with the experience they earn here.  Our teachers care about students and are available via email to answer any questions you may have.  Below is a chart with detailed pathway descriptions. 

BCCTEC Pathways Chart 1

BCCTEC Pathways Chart 2


Answering these questions can mean career readiness upon graduation, learning a lifelong skill, and money in your pocket.

What pathway(s) are you in? _______________________________________________________

What classes do you need to take to be a completer?____________________________________

Why do you want to be a completer? (Talk to a counselor) _______________________________

When should you take an End of Program or Certification exam?___________________________